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Our Team is made up of a National Development Manager and Administrator, who are heavily supported by a dedicated Board of Directors and Young People`s Working Group (YPWG). Our Board and YPWG are active volunteers who give up their time to support the organisation and its membership.


The Board:

Their purpose is to effectively oversee the activities of the organisation, provide strong leadership by setting out the organisations strategic planning and hold the organisations staff accountable for the delivery of it`s membership.

The Staff:

To support the Board of Directors in delivering a strategic plan to advance the organisation’s mission and objectives and to promote development growth as an organisation. To manage organisation operations to ensure efficiency, quality, service, and cost- effective management of resources.

The Young People`s Working Group:

To support the organisations Directors and Staff by ensuring that young people and youth voice is embedded in our work. The YPWG support the organisation to engage with more young people and raise awareness of issues and chalenges that young people face in sport. The group is chaired by our Youth Director on the National Board.

Chair - Rick Kenney OBE (Ettrick & Lauderdale)

Vice Chair - Jackie Smith (Aberdeenshire)

Finance Director - Stuart Coutts (Hamilton)

Youth Director - George Gornall (Stirling)

Ordinary Director - Jessica Baillie (Edinburgh)

Ordinary Director - Mark Pain (Aberdeen)

Ordinary Director - Jenna Low (East Ayrshire)

Ordinary Director - Ronan Welch (Glasgow)

Ordinary Director - Paddy Sherrard (Clackmannanshire)

Independent Director - vacant

Independent Director - Evan McLean


National Development Manager - Gary Grieve

Administration - Jacqui Dunlop


Young People`s Working Group:

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